What is interspecific struggle in Darwinism? - আস্ক পড়ুয়া
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Interspecific competition is the competition among the different species for food shelter causes organic evolution, given by Darwin. Whereas intraspecific competition is the competition among the member of the same species. If there will be competition within the closely related species then evolution does not occur.

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In the context of Darwinism and evolutionary biology, interspecific struggle refers to the competition or struggle for resources, survival, and reproductive success that occurs between different species. Charles Darwin, the renowned biologist and the founder of the theory of evolution by natural selection, observed that individuals within a species compete with one another for limited resources such as food, mates, and territory. However, Darwin also recognized that competition can extend beyond individuals of the same species and occur between different species as well.

Interspecific struggle can take various forms, including competition for shared resources, predation, and indirect interactions through ecological relationships. For example, different species may compete for the same food source, such as two species of birds competing for insects in the same area. Similarly, predators and prey engage in an interspecific struggle where predators compete with each other for prey while prey species try to avoid being caught.

Interspecific struggle plays a significant role in shaping evolutionary processes. It can drive species to develop adaptations that enhance their chances of survival and reproduction, leading to the evolution of specialized traits and behaviors. Over time, these competitive interactions can result in the selection and persistence of certain species or the extinction of others. Ultimately, interspecific struggle contributes to the overall diversity and complexity of ecosystems by driving the evolutionary arms race between different species.

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