Write a letter about your experience of going to Basundhara City Complex after a long time of lockdown. - আস্ক পড়ুয়া
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Dear Kabil,

I am so happy to hear that you and your family are keeping in a good condition despite the lockdown is over. We are doing great here too. You told me that the people there are not that conscious about Covid-19 after lifting the lockdown. In here, the scenario is not unlike. Today I am writing to you about my visit to Basundhara City Complex after lockdown.

Yesterday, I went to the Basundhara City Complex with my mother after a long time as I hadn't been there since the lockdown. We went there with all safety protections. But the people astonished me with their carelessness while we all are having a tough time. Though the Shopping Mall Committee is trying its best to protect people from getting attacked by Covid by sanitizing them at the entrance of the mall and measuring the temperature of every single person to check whether they had got a fever, the people themselves are endangering their lives by eagerly breaking safety rules. The shops were so crowded, maximum of them seemed to be bothered to wear a mask and in the food stalls; washing hands are far away, many people didn't even sanitize their hands before eating. But some people are really aware of the pandemic. They try their level best to maintain safety rules and encourage others to do so. However, hope our country will get its lost vigour and we will overcome this pandemic soon.

Enough for today. Convey my greetings and heartily wishes to your parents. Write to me soon.
Yours ever,


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